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San Jose, CA
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July 5, 2011
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December 24, 2013
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My Greatest Cooking TriumphCooking all the food for my sister-in-laws baby shower
My Biggest Kitchen DisasterThere have been many over the years!.. Most recently though was this past Christmas (a month ago) my friend and I decided to make "Old Fashioned Fudge".. I am known to my friends as a sort of expert at cooking/baking but...... I simply have a "really" hard time making candy! Especially when it calls for a candy thermometer (mine was broke) and wouldn't come to a soft ball stage. We kept cooking and cooking... Long story short it was harder than a tootsie roll and not as good! The worst part was that we quadrupled the recipe to have enough to give out as X-Mas gifts! I felt as though I lost a bit of credibility on that one... Lol.
My Food For ThoughtI'll borrow this one!.. Life is short, Eat dessert first!
My InterestsFamily, friends, God, cooking, baking, on-line chatting/games, shopping, home decorating, dogs, cats, movies, margaritas, choclate, cruising, and more...