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Lindsborg, Kansas
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January 9, 2014
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January 12, 2014
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My Greatest Cooking TriumphMy greatest cooking triumph was when my extension unit needed one more quick entry for the county fair. I volunteered, went home, searched the "Rule Book," and came up with a fabulous chocolate cake in just minutes. It was a blue ribbon recipe, defeating eight other entries.
My secret? It was a Betty Crocker CAKE MIX…. straight from the box! This was at least twenty years ago, and I'm just now coming out with this story! Hey. Mixes were not addressed in the rule book, my unit earned a blue ribbon, and I get to have a True Confession Time on Taste of Home!
My Biggest Kitchen DisasterMy greatest disaster happened over 40 years ago while learning to cook in a high school home ec. class. I could barely boil water, let alone attempt a major project such as Baked Alaska! I spent an entire week building my masterpiece in segregated, technical steps. In the end, it leaked all over the school oven, spilled onto the counter top, and found a resting place in the school's incinerator. Teacher was NOT amused… especially since she had suggested a much simpler recipe- chocolate cake! (see above story)
My Food For ThoughtDon't let pride get in the way of your cooking skills. Do your best, but keep your abilities within reality! Then through the years with each triumphant level, teach the next generation the importance of such a lesson: patience, persistence, and perfection! This spills into a lot of other areas of living, also.
My Interests I am a professional clown and entertainer, so making people happy, making them laugh, is a major ingredient of providing joy to my own life and the lives of others. Church, friends, grandchildren, and a new marriage after the passing of my late husband has added to my many blessings. I had almost forgotten how to cook. A Taste of Home has rekindled my need to be creative in the kitchen once again, and my new husband enjoys messing around in the kitchen, too. Thank you, Taste of Home! :~)