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March 12, 2013
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My Greatest Cooking TriumphAfter 38 years of marriage I have many triumphs when it comes to cooking, but I guess the one thing that I make that everyone raves about is my homemade pizza, especially my chicken and spinach one.
My Biggest Kitchen DisasterWhen I was first married I decided I would try making a dish that I had seen my mother make. It was a cubed steak that was braised and a gravy was made and the meat simmered in the gravy until tender. That part was fine, but I had remembered seeing my Mom add something to the gravy to darken it and I thought she used vanilla to do this. NOT VANILLA!!! I didn't really pay a lot of attention when my Mom was cooking, but I would occasionally sit in the kitchen while she cooked and would take in some of what she did. My brother was visiting us that day and he and my new husband did not want to hurt my feelings, so they said it was good. I was so pleased, UNTIL I tasted it. Yick, it was awful. LOL I did learn that it was kitchen bouquet my Mom used and not vanilla.