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My Greatest Cooking TriumphI have always had a love for cooking, but it is so hard when you live alone! So when I was in college I would have friends over for a meal. I was very poor as most college students are, and as spices are so expensive I had to get creative. I would use the spice pack from Ramen noodles to season chicken with and then just put butter and salt on the noodles as a side dish!
My Biggest Kitchen DisasterWow, I’ve had several! The two I remember the most are when I was younger and both times we were having guests. My Dad worked for a company that required a lot of travel but being working class meant he networked with others he worked with and they all ate at each others homes when out of town. On one occasion I was helping my Mom make homemade sloppy joes and I misread the measurement for chili powder. Next thing I knew I had added a cup of it, going through many jars of it. We had to scramble to add more hamburger and quadrupled the recipe.

On another night we were making homemade macaroni and cheese for our guests and my Mother was late getting back from the store. Knowing she would be home soon, I started the noodles. I think they had cooked for about 20 minutes before she finally got home and were just one giant mushy glob of noodles. Needless to say we just ordered pizza that night
My Food For ThoughtA lack of preparation in the kitchen is a preparation to lack.