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August 22, 2003
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December 15, 2010
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My Greatest Cooking TriumphI do not have a greatest cooking triumph
My Biggest Kitchen DisasterMy biggest kitchen disaster is bread I do not get along with yeast. I bought a bread machine
My Food For ThoughtEinstein said the arrow of time flies in only one direction. Faulkner, being from Mississippi, understood the matter differently. He said the past is never dead;it's not even past. All of us labor in webs spun long before we were born, webs of heredity and environment, of desire andn consequence, of history and eternity. Haunted by wrong turns and roads not taken, we pursue images perceived as new but whose provenance dates to the dim dramas of childhood, which are themselves but ripples of consequence echoing down the generations. This quotation demands of life distract from this resonance of images and events,but some of us feel it always.