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June 4, 2012
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My Greatest Cooking TriumphI made a cake from the cover of taste of home for my mom's birthday, she really wanted it, and I said i couldn't do it, it had strawberries on top and chocolate swirls and ganash frosting, I did make for her and it looked Just like it and it was sooooo good i had to take a picture because i knew I would probably never do it that perfect again! My mom loved it and she was soooo surprised!!! It actually tasted great too!
My Biggest Kitchen DisasterI tried to make a truffle cake, it just didn't work at all and the cake was so moist, it all fell apart.... just slid right off the frosting, it was awful looking... it looked like a crumb cake literally! It tasted good, but was not pretty!
My Food For ThoughtExperiment, I used to stay with the recipe to the exact requirements it called for, for fear that if I changed something it would completely ruin the product I was making. I have since learned that that is not the case. If you put your own touches to something you make it your own, and this way you get a little bit of what the person preparing something for you is all about. I now like to try different spices and textures to see how things will work. You gotta have fun and enjoy your time in the kitchen! You only live once!