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December 15, 2007
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December 17, 2012
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My Greatest Cooking TriumphInspiring my son in law to try new foods by having him cook with me. I used him as my taste tester (using the excuse that I'm diabetic and can't taste because it adds calories etc). He became so good at cooking that he now does 80% of the cooking at home.
My Biggest Kitchen DisasterThe time my pressure cooker exploded sending pureed potatoes, cabbage etc from a boiled dinner through the small hole up to my kitchen ceiling. I heard the explosion and when I opened the cooker there was nothing in it. I was perplexed until I heard this wet plopping sound and looked up to see what was going on. My celing was covered with a gooey mix of potatoes and cabbage that was raining down and plopping onto my floor.
My Food For ThoughtEat to live, not the other way around, or you just might become diabetic like I did. I used to live to eat.. until I had a stroke and found out that I was diabetic.