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My Greatest Cooking TriumphI am a BOSTON COOK straight from the Fannie Farmer Cookbook. When I first came to the South, people here would not eat the food I prepared for potluck dinners. One lady said it looked too perfect, whatever that meant, I still do not know. So one day I took a cake that was cracked in the middle, on purpose, and tried to paste it together with frosting, doing a bad job. The whole cake was eaten by the ladies exclaiming how delicious it was and that we all have cooking disasters. I had no problems after that.
My Biggest Kitchen DisasterThe WHITE HOUSE VINEGAR Co. sent out a recipe booklet by request to me. It had a recipe for greasless french fried potatoes. One day I decided to make them for my grandchildren. The recipe said to put some vinegar in the pot with the oil and heat it to desired temperature. The vinegar was supposed to keep the potatoes grease free. Well, when the oil got HOT, there was an explosion like a small Atom bomb with a big noise. It went straight to the ceiling in a fiery shot!
The kids screamed in delight and my grandson yelled, "do it again"! Thank goodness, no one was close to the stove. I turned the gas off as soon as I could. Everything was dripping with oil. Nothing was burned and no mark on the ceiling, where it ended. I phoned the Vinegar co. and reported it. They tested it in their kitchens but did not have a problem with it, but would be glad to pay for any damages. He also said their company did not test any of the suggestions or recipes in the booklet.
My Food For ThoughtFood, from growing it to cooking and eating it is an experience.
I do not worry about diets but eat what I like and want but I do think about the amount of each portion. I have tried food from many countries but always stay away from foul and seafood. Foul because of living on a farm and having to clean and singe them. Sea food beause of an allergic reaction.