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January 13, 2008
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June 26, 2012
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My Greatest Cooking TriumphI double the Southern Banana bread recipe I make least 10 loafs at a time, usually give them to my grandkids for there lunches.
My Biggest Kitchen DisasterMy first batch of banana bread I used regular flour, didn`t read it though where it said to us self rising flour, so I had 10 flat loaves. Belive it or not one grandson ate them all and said he liked them better.
My Food For ThoughtEvery book you have I get, country, & Extra Remince,&extra Taste of Home, Light and Tasty, Country Women. Ranch and Home, I also get another cooking one, But I get them all mainly for all the recieps, Then I read them over and over. I started years and years ago when you just had kinda like a newspaper that came out every other month. Still have won anything but buy every year cook book, plus lots of the others. Love them all Thank you Karen Page