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April 3, 2013
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My Greatest Cooking TriumphIt wasn't easy for me to finish culinary school.While the cooking came easy for me having to take the buissness and math classes just about killed me..I'm proud to say I finished and now have that culinary degree I wanted from the time I was little.My greatest cooking triumph though was finaly being able to make molasses sugar cookies just like my grandmothers.She gave me her recipie but her arthritis was so bad I could hardly read her handwriting.I struggled through and finaly came up with the cookies that always bring back thoughts of her and time in her kitchen.
My Biggest Kitchen DisasterMy biggest kitchen disaster is actuly a lesson on compassion and teamwork.When I was in culinary school right before christmas break our teacher gave us an assignment to make gingerbread houses.I was working with some other students late at night when I accidently broke one of the walls on mine.the gingerbread houses were due the next day.I sat in the corner and cried over exaustion and fear of what i would do now.I looked up and the other students had left their own work and were calmly cleaning up my mess and figuring out how to help me.Working together we made another batch of gingerbread dough and made another wall for the house I thought was beyond repair.Not only was my house ready the next morning for class but the whole thing had been a bonding experience for the other students I was working with and I.