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January 25, 2013
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My Greatest Cooking TriumphMy first Thanksgiving dinner all by myself. I moved down to Florida from Long Island in 2005 and it was the first dinner I was going to tackle on my own. The years before it was always at my mom's house and my sisters and I would always contribute in some way. Mom always made the TURKEY. The TURKEY was to scary for anyone of us to attempt. It was for professionals only. My husband and I invited friends to dinner and we were just going to have a good time. I was SCARED. Years back I had bought the "Martha Stewart cookbook" and I followed her recipe word by word. I had appetizers, veggies, gravy all the works. My guest also brought their specialty dishes too. By the end of the night no TURKEY left to store and complements all around. People were picking the bones. It felt good.
My Biggest Kitchen DisasterI can't say it was awful and embarassing. Never trust the butcher on a Saturday afternoon to hear everything you say. And I had invited my grandmother and her husband over for dinner. At least dessert was good.
My Food For ThoughtI try to make cooking a family affair, a time where I can share my childhood stories with my daughter and when I helped my mom in the kitchen. She enjoys sharing those moments with me and love tasting everything. Life is moving along too fast this is my time to slow down a bit even for our 30 minute meals.