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outside Detroit, MI
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September 9, 2011
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December 5, 2013
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My Greatest Cooking TriumphCooking for the baby shower and still enjoying it! The last time I cooked so much was for my own wedding in 1982. We were quite poor but very happy and the whole family helped. The day before I got married I made chicken cacciatore for 150!
My Biggest Kitchen DisasterExploding half dozen eggs in a rental homes kitchen. I was young, working days, hubby worked afternnoons and I forgot them on the stove. When he got in that night, he asked about the 'smell', and just about the time we fell asleep for the night they exploded. I thought someone was shooting in our kitchen! I have NEVER done THAT again!
My Food For ThoughtFood is health and learning to cook while putting all your love into it is what makes a good cook. Never cook angry and be thankful for each meal and each item on your menu. The life of a plant or animal was given that ours may flourish. Give thanks.
My Interestssupporting my family as it grows, theology, herbalism, cooking, making natural cosmetics, drumming. Music, books and the outdoors.