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December 16, 2008
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October 15, 2009
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My Greatest Cooking TriumphThe first time I prepared a Prime Rib roast for Christmas dinner. I found a fantastic recipe, followed it to the letter, and was rewarded with a roast that, still today, beats any I've ever eaten in any restaurant!
My Biggest Kitchen DisasterWell, there was that ugly pie crust disaster when I first started cooking! I didn't understand the importance cutting the shortening into the flour, using iced water, using cold butter, and NOT overworking the chilled dough. That first pie crust was tough, greasy, undercooked, and tasted horrible! I'm STILL not comfortable making my own crusts, so I rely on a GOOD brand of pre-made, rolled crust, which I find to be perfect every time.
My Food For ThoughtOh gee, I have several! First, in regards to food, "Eat to Live, Don't Live to Eat". Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way, by packing on WAY too many pounds when I was much younger. It took WAY longer to take them off, than it did to put them on! Second, "Live for Today, for Tomorrow May Never Come". And, third, and this is the MOST important, "ALWAYS treat others as YOU want to be treated". (Karma, baby, Karma!)