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December 2, 2008
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July 30, 2014
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My Greatest Cooking TriumphOne of the best things I have accomplished in the kitchen was to learn how to preserve our garden produce through canning. We enjoy tomatoes, green beans and I love trying new pickle recipes. Our family favorite is definately Dilly Green Beans.

Even though home canning is time consuming, I feel good that these vegetables are grown without loads of chemicals, and I know the exactly how much salt goes in each jar. It's worth the "extras" and taste great.
My Biggest Kitchen Disaster In a food class during my very first year of teaching, I was demonstrating how to make an easy bar topped with a simple frosting made with melted chocolate chips. I put the chips in a small bowl, turned on the microwave, and continued explaining the lesson.

Yep, you guess it! Smelly, burnt chocolate instead of that delicious, "lick the bowl" chocolate frosting. Embarrassing!!!
My Food For ThoughtTo make the best better.....I always follow a recipe exactly like its written the first time, and then pencil in suggestions (baking times, ingredient suggestions) to try for the next time I use the recipe.

Also I measure everything, especially when baking! I admire those who can just toss ingredients together, but it's just not for me. My Grandmother used to tell me she knew if her recipe was right by the "feel". Guess I haven't mastered the 'touch' yet.
My InterestsWith search of the best BBQ Sauce ever...always hunting for new recipes to include more veggies in our to make pickled banana peppers...refining the art of making great homemade buns, doughnuts like my Mom's.

I usually travel with a few Taste of Home magazines. :)

Out of the kitchen, I enjoy time with my horses, love learning and doing everything involved with gardening.

Family time is important to me. And of course, birthdays and holidays always center around fun and food!