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October 12, 2013
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October 12, 2013
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My Greatest Cooking Triumphi remember it was the 3rd time i made an apple pie and it came out incredible. the filling was warm and gooey the apples were warm and it tasted better than all those other brands out their. the crust was store bought but it didn't burn or get undercooked like last time either.
My Biggest Kitchen Disasteri made a cake once using from scratch using a recipe i found online it came out beautiful, heavy, spongy, and tasted completely of a mix of flour and sugar. or maybe the time i made a red velvet cheesecake that was unnaturally smooth and tasted like 100% bitter chocolate. OR MAYBE it was the first 2 times i tried to make an apple pie were the crust was undercooked and burned in different places and the apples stayed raw and the filling turned into hot liquid, witch my sister thought tasted pretty good so she drank it. making me regret letting it live. i honestly cant decide witch one is worse
My Food For Thoughtdo what you want and what makes you happy. not what other people want to see you do or what will make them happy to see you do. but also remember that you have bills to pay and priorities that go above your happiness. and its always ok to go out of your way to help people as long as its not an inconvenience/danger to you. most of the time it never is.