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January 7, 2008
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July 25, 2011
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My Greatest Cooking TriumphFor my son's first birthday, I decided to decorate in rubber duckies. I thought it would be best to just order the birthday cake. I didn't trust myself with that quiet yet. I am learning. So, instead I tackeled making the cookies. I wanted to make rubber duckie sugar cookies. I had previously found a cookie cutter shaped like a duck. So, I used that and even frosted the duckies with frosting that I made myself. I used blue, yellow and white. It turned out so cute. Everyone was shocked that I made those myself! I was so proud.
My Biggest Kitchen DisasterI was 19 when my husband and I got married. I didn't have a clue about cooking. My husband was just grateful that he didn't have to cook or felt sorry for me, I guess. He ate just about everything I cooked. One day, I decided to make a stirfry. Well, I had never used soy sauce, EVER. (very sad). Well, I kept pouring in the soy sauce, not realizing that it makes it very salty. It was so strong and salty that my husband tried to eat it, but in the middle of eating it, decided he couldn't take much more. I could only eat one bite. He took me out to eat that night instead. That was the first and only time my husband didn't eat what I cooked.
My Food For ThoughtMake time for what is important to you. With my busy schedule, I have found it is very easy to not make time for my son and husband. Working full time and having a small child it is very hard to keep up with things. I have made the decision that life is short, and I am not going to waste it on unimportant things. The sacrifices that I make is worth the end result.