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Ashland, OR.
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January 12, 2014
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February 13, 2014
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My Greatest Cooking TriumphI'd say my canning efforts are my greatest triumphs. We raised our 2 kids on our 16 acre organic farm and I learned how to can just about everything. If we grew it, I could somehow can it! Over the years I learned to be very creative (always safe) with my canning projects. Being farmers we had a limited winter cash flow so the goods I put up every summer and fall really made a difference. Even though we don't live on the farm any more I am still an avid canner (from my 60'x60' garden) and take pride in my annual efforts.
My Biggest Kitchen DisasterMy biggest kitchen disaster would have to be a clementine cake I made for my husband. It was our first Valentine's Day as a married couple and I spent the better part of the day making this cake from scratch. To this day I don't know where I went wrong with the recipe. It was so dry and dense I had a hard time cutting into it! So, knowing this, more as a joke I decided to serve it up after dinner just to get my husbands reaction. He looked at the cake, looked at me, tried the cake, looked back at me and said in the sweetest voice possible (while choking on cake) "Nice Jen and thank you but you don't need to make this one again" ! My husband is always so appreciative of my cooking and will eat just about anything I put down in front of him but this cake was a different story. Every so often the famous clementine cake comes up and that was 23 years ago!
My Food For ThoughtSupport your local farmer when possible. With out them where would we be?
My InterestsI enjoy spending time with family and friends,gardening, hiking with my 3 dogs, riding my horse, sewing and of course cooking. I especially love cooking when the garden is abundant with fresh ripe produce! I love to can and preserve my summer gardening efforts and enjoy giving these items away as gifts.