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My Biggest Kitchen DisasterChristmas 1998 will always be a great memory for our family. I had been sick with a nasty cold that year, but still wanted to help prepare Christmas dinner. Since I am the best baker in the family I was left to make the pies. Pecan pie is always a must have and family holiday dinners. I always use my great grandmother's recipe. This year was no different.

Well I measure my sugar and syrup and mix it up. Then I get ready to add the eggs. I look at the recipe and thought it said 1/2 egg. I'd never heard of that before. So I wam wondering how in the world to add half and egg. My granmother figures out that I had misread the recipe.

Instead of 1/2 c. of sugar( and 3 eggs), I put in 3 cups of sugar and was left wondering how to put in half an egg.