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December 14, 2008
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August 8, 2013
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My Greatest Cooking Triumphwon a free day off with pay, taking 1st place in a chili cooking contest while working at walmart super center here in rome. also tasting my nephews cooking. yuck! hes a chef at turning stones casinos in verona. i cook better than him, and he went to college. i guess practise makes perfect. like my gravy.
My Biggest Kitchen Disaster1st time i made gravy. it was hard and the dog growled and wouldnt eat it lol. my 17 yr. old son now puts it on everything, even vegys. he calls it another food group. i made a turkey with gravy for a church potluck dinner and the pasters wife and most of the women asked about the gravy. seems they all use jar gravy. being the youngest of the group i was quite pleased with myself that day.
My Food For Thoughtput whatever practice is needed into what you make, season with homemade goodness, and stir with a hole lot of love and all your meals will be delicious. above all taste from time to time. dont feed others what you wouldnt pay for out to eat. if you dont like a recipie the 1st time out of the book. make notes and make it again with your own added touches.