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December 2, 2008
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August 14, 2012
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My Greatest Cooking TriumphI have 2: Last Christmas was my first in my new house and I hosted. I cooked the entire turkey feast for my whole family without any disasters (and a little help form my mom)! That felt good... I had always been afraid of the dreaded Turkey! Also, and this would be my #1, I think, is when I finally mastered the art of homemade bread. I learned to make bread from scratch from my mother and grandma... and I made MANY MANY batches of "garden bricks" before I finally got it right! it was a long hard road of all-day baking expeditions but i never gave up (I dont know why!) and I finally got it!
My Biggest Kitchen Disaster...I'll have to think on that one.... Once when I was a kid I made some toast as an after school snack, forgot about it and the toaster never popped.... the fire alarm and thick smoke rising from the corner of the kitchen reminded my about my toast! I wrecked moms cabinets that day.... THAT was disasterous!...Oh I thought of another one: Every year my sister in-law and I bake cookies and drive around the country side with cookies and christmas cheer, last year, we decided to make gingerbread cookies, since they were so traditionally Christmas-y.... well, I don't know if we screwed them up or if the recipe was just no good, but they were like concrete! We wrote on the cookie gift boxes: "Don't eat the Brown ones" (they were all brown) haha... its the thought that counts right?! haha. This year, our cookies turned out much better, but people never forgot about last years gingerbread-concrete men and weren't afraid to rib us a bit about them either!
My Food For Thought"Those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter..."