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Deer Park
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August 25, 2011
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May 15, 2012
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My Greatest Cooking TriumphI believe all things considered, my greatest triumph would be what I accomplished as a 6th grader back in the 60's in a farming community when boys just didn't do any cooking. My mother was very sick with asthma and hospitalized frequently. I got the job of being chief cook and bottle washer and took it seriously. I have photo's of 3 different kinds of cookies, homemade bread, and a batch of homemade buns, all from sratch, and all in one afternoon. All this without being taught or coached, just by observation.
My Biggest Kitchen DisasterI haven't really had much of a disaster other than walking away from a pot of spaghetti sauce slowly cooking on the stove. Later I came back and it was still cooking, but I think at least one fourth of it bubbled out on the stove and on the floor.
My Food For ThoughtOur technology today is amazing and changing almost daily. What we are capable of doing even on a telephone is almost uncomprehensible. Our medical technology and achievements are outstanding. Yet we are one of the sickest nations on earth. I would strongly suggest that we get back to cooking from scratch with fresh food, and the outstanding recipes that come to Taste of Home from all over the country and stop buying and consuming the pre-packaged and over processed food and recapture our own good health from good food, and good taste.
My InterestsI enjoy going for long walks with camera in hand and taking time to see what I would normally overlook. I also enjoy getting back from my walks and coming up with some good food or interesting protein drinks, and working my after retirement light job.