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May 14, 2010
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June 10, 2014
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My Greatest Cooking TriumphMy homemade salsa, cook it open kettle and seal it hot in sterilized jars. Make extra spicy, spicy, medium and mild. Also make my own hot mustard. Everyone that has tasted these loves them and wants more.
My Biggest Kitchen DisasterMy stove got fire when I was baking a cheese cake, there was a short in the main plug in and all I could smell was plastic burning then the oven started to spark. In a panic I pulled the stove away from the wall and unplugged then turned off the main breaker. We ended having a cheese cake pudding dessert. This was for a potluck church supper. Boy the the minister make fun of me that day.
My Food For ThoughtIf you enjoy doing something make the best of it and don't be afraid to try and fail then learn from your experience. Keep on trying and never give up.