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February 12, 2010
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March 2, 2014
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My Greatest Cooking TriumphHave an ex who only liked plain cooking to his liking. Stopped doing that. Started using new spices, mixtures and livining up meals. Served a meal last week like I used to cook - seasoned roast pork loin with apples. Simple to make but was told by my daughter that after all these years I was becoming an awsome cook.
My Biggest Kitchen DisasterServed a meal with a new mix. Didn't read the ingredients when buying. Had company with extra kids. When the kids started crying and saying it was hot I answered as usual "You'd be hot too if I cooked you in a pot." Then I tasted & said "Anyone for grilled cheese?" Trashcan was full & cheese went fast.
My Food For ThoughtNever waste food. It's a waste of money. Always keep something left over for the dish you'll be making later that week that you know one person does not like. We always allow food dislikes so long as they're tried first. One item can always be substituted. One twin doesn't like fish, so we bake some fishsticks on the side. People eat best when they enjoy the food. Always be ready to try something new. When there is nothing to eat, check the pantry, freezer & fridge. Most of the time there are the makings of a new meal.