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February 18, 2013
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June 28, 2014
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My Greatest Cooking TriumphIt has been my goal this year to bake just from scratch, it was a personal challenge to myself. I have found some great recipes and have really enjoyed the challenge.
At Christmas time my mom and grandma joined me in my kitchen and grandma showed us how to make candy, something I hadn't done much of before. We made peanut butter balls, chocolate covered cherries, and bon-bons. It was great bonding for us. My family as well as everyone who received the candy as gifts loved it, it will definitely be a tradition now.
I have found some great from scratch baking cookbooks and they make the perfect addition to all the great Taste of Home recipes that are out there. I made a from scratch angel food cake that was divine, I thought boxed angel food cakes were good until I had this.
I also made a five layer chocolate raspberry cheesecake cake that was excellent and a real crowd pleaser. It was well worth all the work.
I love to share my baked goods with family, husbands co-workers, friends, neighbors and faculty at my children's school. God has blessed my family many times over and this is a simple way of passing his over flowing love for us to others.
My Biggest Kitchen DisasterI have had a few disasters along the way and have learned from them. If the recipe doesn't sound great I don't try it. I have made a couple of meals and then microwaved something else for dinner instead. I love great food and try to watch my calorie intake. There are enough great recipes out there and I love food, if it isn't that good, why waste the time and calories.
Mid-way through baking a cake for a family as a part of our church's meal ministry I dropped egg shell into my kitchen aid as I was mixing it. I knew there was no way I could find it and I wasn't about to continue on. I instead had to come up with a quick plan b. I always crack my eggs into a little bowl now first before adding them to my mixing bowl.
My Food For ThoughtEnjoy the gift of baking and the desire and time to do it. It is a great love language to share with those around you. There is certainly a lot of hatred and ugliness in this world, this is just one way to love and serve those around you.
My InterestsI enjoy spending as much time with my family as I can, I am so blessed. I enjoy serving others in my church and community through various women's ministry projects. I also enjoy reading. I of course love baking and cooking for my family, baking is my first love but I can only eat and serve so much to my family and friends. Cooking is a great hobby of mine and I have the opportunity to put at least one good, warm meal on the table almost every day.