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Sheffield, IA
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August 2, 2011
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September 9, 2011
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My Greatest Cooking TriumphI made cupcakes in the shape of a crocodile for my daughter Morgan on her 3rd birthday. I was impressed that when they were all finished & lined up as shown, you could actually tell it was a crocodile! Usually when I attempt stuff like that, it never looks like the picture!
My Biggest Kitchen DisasterI would have to say my biggest disaster was when I made a recipe that called for mint in these chicken asparagus roll-ups. This was before children. I wanted to make a nice, romantic dinner for my husband & I and these looked somewhat elegant. I wasn't sure about the mint, but I was rather new to cooking so I didn't think you could ever omit ingredients for fear of messing up the recipe. Needless to say, these things were awful!! We refer to it as the night we had "Scope Chicken" because that's exactly what it tasted like--like I had dumped a bottle of mint flavored Scope in our dinner. We ended up ordering out for pizza that night & dumping the rest!
My Food For ThoughtI think that recipes are a guide, & meant to play around with & experiment. Don't get too disappointed if things don't turn out right the first time. Having said that, if you attempt several times & it still doesn't turn out, there is always a work-around. For instance, I cannot make a decent pie crust to save my life. I have tried numerous times & they still come out tough. So, I cheat & use Pillsbury ready made pie crusts & NOBODY can tell the difference. People still think they are home-made. Unless someone is an absolute food critic, do what works for you & don't worry if you have to cut a few corners.
My Interests1) Running!! 2) Hiking 14'ers (mountains over 14,000')--very popular thing to do here in Colorado 3) Camping 4) Finding precious time each day to spend with my husband & girls 5) Last but not least, I am also very active in our church. I volunteer with our nursery twice a month & also volunteer my time 1x per week as a ministry partner to our 5th & 6th graders.