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November 9, 2007
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June 6, 2012
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My Greatest Cooking Triumphwon a cooking contest in 1981, Holiday Cookbook Overall Winner in Natchez,MS contest
My Biggest Kitchen Disasterhave had several, greatest was probably when the dried lima beans were cooking and the pressure cooker exploed that was the last time I cooked beans in a pressure cooker.
My Food For ThoughtWebster says food is matter which one feeds on which is absorbed by the body to promote growth. Food is one of lifes greatest comforts. Milk stops a baby from crying, a cookie instantly heals a scrapped knee, going out for a meal with friends enjoying time together is a wonderful way to enjoy food or baking something for that person that needs a lift, or someone who has been ill and needs a little extra attention. I really enjoy giving and receiving food gifts. I am grateful for the food we are blessed with everyday.