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April 27, 2009
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August 3, 2012
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My Greatest Cooking TriumphMy greatest triumph was cooking an entire thankgiving meal BY MYSELF! My husband (boyfriend at the time) actually told me that if my dressing didn't compare to his mother's then it was OVER! haha. he was joking of course! I made my first turkey, home made cornbread dressing, gravy, broccoli and cheese casserole, corn pudding, home made cranberry sauce, sweet potato pie (2 of them) and a chocolate truffle. I bought frozen rolls that i cooked in the oven, though. I can't do it all! I guess I did an okay job, too, because he stayed with me!
My Biggest Kitchen Disasteri have not ever had a big disaster in the kitchen. Cooking has always come pretty natural to me. But not to long ago i invited some very dear friends over for supper. I was cooking chicken and dumplings from scratch. Making my own dumplings and boiling and de-boning a chicken. I had made it several times before and had no worries. One of my friends loves home made chicken and dumplings, but his wife never really liked them. She said she wanted to try mine though, because she loved my cooking. I had everything prepared and was adding the dumplings to the broth when they arrived. Everything was going well until i started to smell a "burnt" smell. I went in and tried stirring my dumplings and could feel the bottom of the pan was caked with burnt dumplings. I emptied the dumplings into another container, but the damage was done. The burnt flavor had already soaked into the chicken and it was AWFUL! I was not thinking when i started cooking and grabbed my biggest pan. It was stainless steel and was pretty old. Needless to say, we ordered pizza that night!
My Food For ThoughtNever be afraid to experiment in the kitchen. Dont always follow a recipe, get creative. Season and taste as you go, and most of all....HAVE FUN!
My InterestsCooking, entertaining. I love to sing! I sing to myself all the time.