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July 14, 2010
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July 4, 2012
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My Greatest Cooking TriumphThe apricot cheese danishes. They come out perfect every time and my family can't stop eating them. My other specialty is cooking steak to seasoned tender perfection until it falls apart in your mouth, exploding with flavor.
My Biggest Kitchen DisasterI was canning peaches and I measured out the amount of sugar I needed, and put it in a large, plastic, eight cup measurer from tupperware. Unaware that the burner was still on low, from canning my last batch, I placed the measuring cup full of sugar on it because my counter space was limited. I was going about my business when I heard a crackling, sizzling noise and began to smell this awful choking smell. I turned around to see the container of sugar descending through the burner as the smoke was rapidly building. There went my tupperware container and I won't even start on the effects of the sugar with melted plastic. The kitchen smelled for days and it took almost a month to completely clean and salvage that burner from the mix of sugar and plastic wreckage. Lesson learned: Since then, I never set anything on a burner other than what I'm getting ready to cook on it. Worse case scenario, if space is limited, I set it on the living room coffee table until I'm ready to use it.
My Food For ThoughtFollowing a good recipe and engaging in kitchen activity, for me, is great therapy. If I feel a bit blaze~ or low, busying myself in the kitchen, baking or preparing food is a depression breaker. I've heard this same thing from fellow women who love to cook as much as I do. It is especially nice when you witness the satisfaction of loved ones partaking in the meal as they respond with delight. My 18 year old daughter frequently says to me, "Mama, this is amazing."