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Anderson, Indiana
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May 17, 2011
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July 21, 2011
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My Greatest Cooking TriumphEveryone who has ever had the pleasure of sampling my homemade sausage gravy and "heavy" biscuits, has sworn they've NEVER tasted better! Not even close! I humbly have to agree! It's absolutely the best breakfast meal I've ever had, bar none! I AM, of course partial, considering who the cook is. If you like, a couple of eggs, over easy, completes the meal. My favorite "dinner" recipe is my Shepards Pie. The British may have invented it, but, again, I say humbly, I have perfected it. It is truly a "Taste TreatDelight".
My Biggest Kitchen DisasterToo many things to mention! My biggest problem, though, is having to follow a recipe to the letter. If I do that it just doesn't taste "right". I like to find a recipe that sounds good, then experiment with it, adding my own "twists" where I see fit. Like the "old time" cooks, I use a pinch of this or a dash of that everytime I fix a meal When I find a winning combination, I just kinda remember what I did, and try to repeat that success over and over again.
My Food For ThoughtIn cooking/baking ANYTHING, NEVER give up! Use your imagination! As with anything else in life, if you enjoy what you're doing rather than thinking of it as a chore, AND if you don't let the occasional failure stop you in your tracks....you WILL succeed! The main thing is to HAVE FUN!!
My InterestsI love Football, Basketball and Track and Field, all of which I participated in while attending High School. Motorcycle riding is a "Great Time" as is, just walking the beach. Bowling is fun, as is Bocci Ball. You know, though, my biggest and first love is reading. I've never found anything lacking in a good book. Fact or fiction, I can get lost in, and become a part of, most everything I read.