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November 27, 2009
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May 24, 2014
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My Biggest Kitchen DisasterWhile making chili one afternoon for company I accidently grabbed the cinnamon instead of the chili powder. After sprinkling the cinnamon in and catching a wiff of the steam I quickly started to try to catch the cinnamon before it disappeared into my chili mixture (nearly impossible). I was successful at spooning out a great deal of it but was left with a cinnamon hint in my chili. I threw in some Chipottle mix, which I normally dont use for company because of the different flavor, that did neutralize the cinnamon a tad more. Since it was a huge pot I just couldnt see wasting it and oddly enough it turned out it wasn't the best chili I ever made but it wasn't the worse. The hint of cinnamon was a topic for the ladies and the story was the laugh of the nite.
My Food For ThoughtDon't over criticize your cooking talents just excercise them and they will grow.