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November 21, 2008
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November 7, 2011
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My Greatest Cooking TriumphGreatest cooking triumph came when my husband asked me to come up with a recipe for a contest that Weber Company was holding through out the Marine Corps bases. My recipe for "The Combat Steak" won "The Commander of The Grill " Competition after my husband entered the contest with my recipe .My husband asked me to come up with the recipe. I did, Stewart entered it, prepared it and won !! And the recipe actually landed us a spot on Emeril Live and The Food Network !! What a thrill to meet Emeril and be on the show. Of course my husband gives me full credit for the recipe. The best part of the contest is that Weber put together a cookbook from all the winners from all the bases , and some famous Marine recipes too and have sold more than $400,000.00 worth of cookbooks with 100% of the proceeds going to 4 charities to benefit our wounded warriors and to benefit our families. Books are still being sold after 3 years. I am very proud.
My Biggest Kitchen DisasterMy biggest kitchen disaster was one Easter when we were stationed in 29 Palms California. My family from Utah came to our home to celebrate. I made a traditional Easter dinner with a gorgeous ham and all the trimmings. I was in the kitchen all day. The table was all set with our beautiful wedding china , the table lined from end to end with everybody's favorite Easter dish. We sat down, said grace and all of us talking about everything under the sun while we passed the food. All anxious to enjoy our meal before us. We passed the sliced ham..... everyone got quiet as they tried it. I took a bite and it was the saltiest, unsweet , moist ham Iever tasted. I didn't realise that I bought a salt cured ham and didn't soak it before baking it. What a disapointment ,especially to my husband whose favorite meal is ham. Needless to say, I read the packaging very close now before buying a ham. Must say, We had plenty of ham to make a great bean soup-of course there was no need to add salt.
My Food For ThoughtWhen someone comes to my home for a visit or just drops by - I serve them something sweet. That way when they think of me they have sweet thoughts.