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  • Forum Post: Re: Pumpkin Dessert Bars- From TOH

    This looks yummy...will look for instructions...the reviews are somewhat arguementary, aren't they! Guess we'll have to see for ourselves... our Aldi store had their cream cheese for 79-cents and...
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  • Forum Post: Re: Rec. n Pic. Chocolate Dipped Cheesecake Pops

    This would be a fun recipe for a dessert bar. Thanks for sharing! 
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  • Forum Post: Re: ISO Bar recipe that could

    I'm not sure if any of these would work, but did a quick search typing in dessert bars that travel well in the summer. Again, good luck, you'll need it. *smile*
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  • Forum Post: Re: Recipes in Review!

    those punkin dessert bars look mighty tastie!!!  gonna have to give those a try - now that the weather has cooled off just a little bit and I won't roast turning on the oven!!
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  • Forum Post: Re: Hump Day

    work- I had to prepare it tonight.  Potroast, deveiled eggs, scallop taters, salad, 5 kinds of dessert bars- now I am pooped.  I took an Alleve and am headed to bed.
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  • Forum Post: Re: what's cooking this gonna be 80 degree Dec 11????

    .  It's at a nearby hotel and they serve a great steak dinner.  But I honestly love the hors d'oevres (sp?) and dessert bar the best! 
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  • Forum Post: Re: Any Night Owls?

    to the west of the ocean.     Diane, I love to go to all you can eat salad bars....I love salad.   But, unfortunately, I would be in trouble with an all you can eat dessert bar!!  
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  • Forum Post: Re: A Thanksgiving question-hope I'm not jumping the gun!

    trimings. Huge salad bar, huge dessert bar. I would never cook a huge dinner again in my life. Did enough of that. We do the same for Easter. Family said it was the best idea I had for years. It is relaxed,
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  • Forum Post: Old Fashioned Pecan Pie Bars

    Based on a traditional southern dessert, the pecan pie, these easy dessert bars have that same great taste but are served in a more easy-to-share form. We love bar dessert recipes like
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  • Forum Post: Peanut Butter Bars

    Peanut Butter Bars features the most delicious combination of oats, peanut butter and chocolate. In just a half an hour, you can throw together this easy dessert bar recipe that's a perfect treat
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  • Forum Post: Chocolate Streusel Bars

    Tired of the same old dessert bar recipes you've been making for years? Here's a non-traditional version of a great German classic: streusel. These yummy Chocolate Streusel Bars are a great on
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  • Forum Post: Pumpkin Bars with Fluffy Cream Cheese Frosting

    The only thing that can make moist and delicious cake-like pumpkin dessert bar recipes better is an incredible icing on top. Lucky for us that's exactly the selling point of this recipe for Pumpkin
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  • Forum Post: Cupcakes or Brownies

    Hello, I need to bake 150 pieces of a dessert like cupcakes/brownies or other dessert bars.  It's something that has to travel well and not go stale for 2 days.  I was going to make cupcakes
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  • Forum Post: Re: ***What's on your Thanksgiving menu?***

    deviled eggs lemon pie french silk pie cream cheese pumpkin pie caramel apple dessert bars along with the standard relish tray: Olives, carrots, celery w/ peanut butter, sweet baby gherkins
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  • Forum Post: Re: What's for Supper? Thursday Dec. 26, 2013

    .  Not this year.  So for supper we had barbequed beef sandwiches, mac and cheese and a salad bar.  Of course there are copious amounts of sweets over on the dessert bar. Actually have some leftovers
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